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Hi, I'm Steve and I've been teaching to the highest standards for over 10 years

With over 35 years of personal driving expertise, my caring and supportive approach will enable you to not only pass your driving test - but gain lifelong skills.

As a member of my driving school I promise you that...

1. You'll pass your test! Through my expert tuition I always do everything possible to ensure you'll pass your test. I'm so confident that if you fail your first test with me, then I'll pay for your next one for free!

2. Money Back Guarantee! I strive to teach in a friendly manner with the highest quality of teaching. But, if you don't like your first ever lesson with me then I guarantee you your money back.

3. I support my past learners! If you've passed with me, then I offer free 3-hour refresher lessons in your new car for up to 2 years from your test.

The area of Nottinghamshire that I cover includes...

Gotham, Beeston, Wollaton, Long Eaton, Nottingham, Chilwell, East Leak (Loughborough and Nottingham), Clifton and West Bridgford.

There are lots of driving schools around Nottingham, so why choose Red Amber Go?

I have over ten years experience as a driving instructor and am passionate about teaching people to become safe drivers. I love teaching people and getting to work with those with different abilities creates the challenges I thrive on. You will find I am patient and considerate of your needs and I will do my utmost to create a comfortable environment for you to learn in.  If you’re someone with a zany sense of humour or quiet as a mouse I don’t mind.

I don’t settle for, “this will do.” As training techniques and practices change I will seek to include these in training you.  I look for opportunities to become a better driving instructor so that I can help you become a better and safer driver. Having already completed a further course in driving instructing I am currently undergoing a year-long course to gain a qualification in Coaching for Driver Development.

Value for money is guaranteed with lessons from Red Amber Go

You may find I am not the cheapest driving school in your area but I believe in the saying, “you get what you pay for” and I’ll certainly ensure you get value for money. It’s important that lessons are structured and you have a clear objective so at the end of a lesson you can walk away knowing what you have learned and what your objective is for the next lesson.

Just in case you are wondering what do I get up to in my spare time. My idea of chilling is climbing mountains, cycling (any) and pretty much anything adventurous.  I love travelling; my previous job saw me spend most of my time in Germany so apart from learning to speak the language it gave me a tremendous opportunity to see different parts of the country as well as other parts of Europe.

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