Expert driving lessons for first time drivers in Nottingham

Get reassurance on the road with expert tuition that will ensure you pass first time

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With my type of teaching style, you're coached on how to act in a variety of different driving situations

People who are taught this way tend to be safer drivers because they learn to deal with situations quicker (and more safely). This can save you over £100 by not having to take another test, and potentially save more money as you haven't got to take any more lessons before your next test.

Suitable for learner drivers aged 17+

I have a considerable amount of experience in the business and you can be sure that you will be in safe hands. In addition to this, I offer training on traffic-free circuits.

Driving Test Licence

What you can expect on your first driving lesson...

If you haven’t driven before it can be quite a nervous (but hopefully exciting) time driving a car for the first time. Make no mistake, you will be driving on your first lesson and you will be very surprised at just how well you do.

The main aim of this first lesson is to shake off some of those nerves and allow you to realise that moving the car and stopping is not too difficult.

Red Amber Go Steve Driving Instructor
  • 1. Ready

    I will spend some time, in the beginning, talking to you to gain an understanding of how you want to learn. We'll discuss the controls of the car (accelerator, brake, clutch, gear lever, handbrake and steering wheel) to ensure you have an understanding of these basic controls

  • 2. Set

     During this discussion you will start the engine and get a feel for the accelerator and the clutch. This is all done before you start moving the car so you get used to how sensitive the accelerator is and what the clutch feels like when finding the bite (this is the point where the clutch is about halfway up ready to move the car).

  • 3. Go!

    Before moving we will spend a little time discussing observations (mirrors and looking around) so you have an understanding of what to do before moving off. It is now time for you to move the car and most people imagine they will stall when trying this the first time but actually very few people stall on a first lesson.

Manual Driving Lessons: Want the flexibility to drive any car you like once you've passed? Get yourself a manual driving licence!

  • Switch it Up

    Master gears, the clutch and get to know everything there is to know about driving a car on the road

  • Greater Control Over your Vehicle

    As a manual driving licence holder, you can switch between driving both manual and automatic cars - even though you passed your test in a manual. 

  • Affordability

    Manual cars are almost always cheaper to buy and more economical than automatics.

Automatic Driving Lessons: simplify your driving experience with our expert auto driving lessons!

  • Increasing your Confidence

    Not only are automatic cars easier and simpler to handle. But, they can  increase your confidence on the roads - as there's no risk of stalling.

  • Less Distractions = Less Stress

    Struggling with getting the clutch to the biting point? Well, with automatic cars you don't need to worry about that at all. Just tap the pedal and your off! It also means no stressful maneuvering between gears.

  • Learn Faster

    With no gears to master some students find they can learn faster and more efficiently - which means less lessons and cost whilst you're learning!