Learn to drive in Nottingham with Red Amber Go!

My pass rate is way above the National Average and I pride myself on helping my students pass quickly and cost-effectively.

You're a first time driver looking for a great instructor

At Red Amber Go, I understand that nerves can get the better of you when in test situations. I'm so confident that, I'll pay for your next driving test if you fail.


You can already drive but you need a refresher course

Going the extra mile to ensure you're driving is safe and legal. I care about your driving even after your driving test. This offer is for all drivers who have passed with us, and are entitled to 3 hours of refresher sessions for up to 2 years.


You're looking to become Pass Plus accredited

Are you really ready to go on your own? I'll teach you how to react to a different range of driving situations to make you more confident and comfortable on the road. It also can help save on insurance costs.


My automatic and manual driving lessons are available in Nottinghamshire - Beeston, West Bridgford, Loughborough

Manual Driving Lessons

Manual Driving Lessons.

Want to drive any car you want? Well, that's one of the biggest benefits is that you get a greater control over your driving in a manual car. Not only that, but if you decide you prefer a manual car later down in the line, a manual driving licence allows you to drive both.

  • Switch it Up

    As a manual driving licence holder, you can switch driving both manual and automatic cars - even though you learnt in a manual. 

  • Greater Control Over your Vehicle

    As a manual driving licence holder, you can switch driving both manual and automatic cars - even though you learnt in a manual. 

  • Cheaper

    Transmission cars are usually cheaper to buy than automatic.

Automatic Driving Lessons

Automatic Driving Lessons.

Automatic driving can be a quicker way to get on the road - if you're finding manual driving too stressful or hard then it may be worth trying automatic cars. They're easy, smooth to drive and becoming more attractive to drivers due to the new options of cars that manufacturers are releasing.

  • Increasing your Confidence

    Not only are automatic cars easier and simpler to handle. But, they can actually increase your confidence on the roads due to inability to roll back or stalling - especially when it comes to those dreaded hill starts.

  • Less Distractions = Less Stress

    Struggling with getting the clutch to the biting point? Well, with automatic cars you don't need to worry about that at all. Just tap the pedal and your off - no stressful manoeuvring from gear to gear.

  • Learn Faster

    As there's not as much to remember, unlike with a manual car, you learn faster which means you pass and are able to drive on the road faster.

"I'm so confident in my training that if you don't pass first time, I'll pay for your next test!"

Red Amber Go's First Time Pass Rate


National First Time Pass Rate Average


The right teaching and guidance gets the right results, and can actually save you a lot of money. It's no secret that driving lessons can cost an arm and a leg. But, at Red Amber Go, my lessons are a great value for money by giving you that all-important guidance and experience to conquer those nerves about being on the road.

Still wondering why you should learn to drive with Red Amber Go?

I carry out driving tuition in and around the Beeston, Wollaton, Long Eaton, Gotham and East Leake areas of Nottingham.  For those living in Gotham or East Leake, I'm quite happy to carry out your tuition in Loughborough or Nottingham.

  • I'm a Qualified and Trained Instructor

    Over 10 years of driving instructing experience.

  • Automatic and Manual Driving Lessons

    I offer both types of driving lessons at competitive prices.

  • Pass Plus Registered

    Giving you that extra bit of confidence in all driving situations when you've passed with me.

  • Free Workbooks to Track your Progress

  • High First-Time Pass Rate

    My first-time pass rate is at 72% which is higher than the national average which is only at 47.5%.

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